085: SFFCH – The Rookie

085 The RookieSf

It’s time to go into Spoiler Filled detail for a movie again, and this time it’s ‘The Rookie’, a curious Clint Eastwood/Charlie Sheen film from 1990. Once Ant finishes apologising to Rich and Jamie, the truth comes out: It’s terrible! Was it really a movie that Eastwood was talked into making to get funding for some other hits, and was he really on autopilot as much the guys suspects? Was it really necessary to kill another dog? Was Raul Julia trying to be that bad and super-villainy? Could any more Dirty Harry tropes be fitted in in a parodic manner? We don’t know. At least the score, apart from the theme, was interesting, and seatbelt jokes were still in force in 1990. If you can handle all of that, and one of the weirder opening scenes in movies, then listen in!

Warning; The word ‘like’ is uttered extremely numerously in this episode. Sorry, it’s a Welsh thing. (Ep 85, Rec 2015)


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