070: SFFCH – Rock-A-Doodle

070 Rock-a-Doodle SF

Rich has brought in ‘Rock-a-Doodle’ from 1991 for a grand ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ chat. Will one of his childhood favourite survive the scrutiny or will Rich, Abi, Jamie and Ant let the film be devoured by hungry evil owls as punishment for being too terrible and an incomprehensible mess? Lots to talk about as the film feature a host of cartoon animals dressed as other animals, an Elvis impersonating rooster, a naïve farm boy who turns into cat (and yet wears a hat made out of a dead raccoon) and a whole bunch of other crazy mad stuff for us to wrap our brains around. If you wish hard enough and shout ‘Chantecler!’ loud enough the podcast might play itself or just click  play. (Ep 70, Rec 2014)


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