068: SFFCH – The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert


Shouldn’t the abbreviation for a film be easier to say than the actual title? Well, not with TAOPQOTD, but then there’s nothing really regular about this Australian road movie from 1994 involving two drag queens, one transexual and of course Priscilla herself, their fabulous bus (or was that ‘plot device’). Abi brings this one to the table, to the delight of Rich and Jamie who surprisingly for ‘Spoiler Filled’ can’t really find much wrong with it. Although we do discover basing your knowledge of Australia on road movies and soap operas is probably not the best representation. So come and enjoy the films well rounded characters, discussions of society’s gender roles and, of course, the glorious, glorious costumes.

N.B. Any film which can make Jamie appreciate ABBA is a big tick in our book.

(Ep 68, Rec 2014)

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