062: SFFCH – Memoirs Of A Geisha

062 Memoirs of a Geishs SF

We’re going to be cultural now at the podcast HQ. Don’t be afraid. Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray is proud to present its chat about 2005’s ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, as chosen by Rich. Listen in as he, Abi, Ant and Jamie talk about the vagaries of this subset of Japanese history. Is the film too romanticised? Is it strange that such a movie isn’t based on a true story? What do the gang think of the geisha training montage? Is it more interesting when the villain is around, and then falls flat when World War II intervenes? Finally, is the whole General / Yuri relationship deeply creepy or is it just the mores of another culture in a different time? Pour your a deeply symbolic slush puppie and listen to us chat. (Ep 62, Rec 2014)


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