060: SFFCH – The Ninth Gate

060 the9thGate SF

Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray tries not to invoke any devilry by having a long chat about 1998’s ‘The Ninth Gate’. It’s Jamie’s choice again, and so it has to be horror, but perhaps not the creepiest or most shocking this time. There’s talk of Johnny Depp’s strange beard, premonitions of crushing disappointment, general appreciation of the low-key tale and denigration of the lack of motivation, and wondering at the magnetic appeal of Frank Langella’s giant spectacles. Come and listen in, if you dare, as Rich, Jamie, And and Abi talk about everything they possibly can, even the idiotic ‘spot the difference’ puzzle, and never mention Lena Olin at all. (Ep 60, Rec 2014)


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