057: SFFCH – Convoy

057 Convoy SF

Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray bumps along the road to 1978, to the mysterious and enigmatic and very silly movie ‘Convoy’ from 1978. Yes, it’s Peckinpah prototyping ‘Smokey and the Bandit’, with more CB radio handles than might be found in ten other trucker movies! Are there ten other trucker movies? Should there be more? Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chat about this crazy film, which features grizzled Kris Kristofferson as ‘Rubber Duck’ and one of the greatest bar fights in movie history. Oh, Peckinpah, you would choose to make a movie based on a novelty song, wouldn’t you? It is a good song, though, and inspired something really interestingly strange in this movie. None of us are truckers. (Ep 57, Rec 2014)


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