046: SFFCH – The Runaways

046 The Runaways SF

Abi brings ‘The Runaways’ from 2010 into the ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray’ recording studio. Has her Michael Shannon obsession run away with her or was it a worthwhile pick? Join Rich, Abi and Jamie as they tunnel their way into the land of rock and roll for an in depth discussion. Is this a biopic that is far too sanitized? Is the influence of Joan Jett far more significant than she and the Runaways actually were as a group? How many times can three people say ‘like’ in a recording? Why bother with anyone else but Shannon in a movie? All these details, plus the dodgy clothes and worries that the movie is just one big cliché. (Ep 46, Rec 2014)

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