045: SFFCH – Stay Tuned

045 Stay TunedSF

Please tune in to our discussion of ‘Stay Tuned’? (Actually you don’t need to tune anything in this is the internet, just press play.) Our pet director Peter Hyams returns with this movie from 1992, so join Rich, Abi and Jamie as they jabber on about Ant’s choice and dig deep into this epic experience. Is ‘Stay Tuned’ a prototype for ‘Cabin In The Woods’? Is it a parody of American television in the early 1990s? An inevitable damp squib for a bunch of Brits in 2014? Did Eugene Levy’s punishment culminate in his career starting performance in SCTV? How can this compare to Hyams’ previous efforts such as ‘Timecop’ and ‘Outland’? You’ll have to listen in, and wait for our expert verdict, as well as the inevitable wrestling references.

Note: Pam Dawber from ‘Mork and Mindy’ is in this movie! John Ritter too, but he can’t compare to Mindy! (Ep 45, Rec 2014)


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